Hello Inkfinitee Family! We are so excited to share this news to you!

Wow! Never in a million years did we ever think that we will be a dealer of the Geo Knight brand. They have been in business since 1885 and are considered as the best, if not the best brand of heat presses.

Geo Knight & Co is known throughout the imprinting industry for their top-end, high-quality heat press machinery.

For heat pressing t-shirts, caps, plates, mugs, tiles, or anything else that requires heat transfer printing, they guarantee you will find a solution for your needs and budget.

From hobby presses to commercial grade manual & automatic heat presses, from industrial presses to large format heat presses, they make it all...and they make it in the USA right at their factory in Brockton, MA.


Manual heat presses have a lead time of 7-10 days. Heat press models that are Air Automatic have a lead time of 2 to 3 weeks.

Anything under 150 lbs is going to be shipped via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground. Anything above 150 lbs is going to be shipped freight. We don’t have pre-calculated shipping rates because there are too many models, methods, and fluctuating rates.

Everything (Geo Knight) we ship is insured.

If you have any questions about the Geo Knight line of heat presses, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at the following contact information:
e: hello@inkfiniteesublimation.com
p: (818) 849-6605

You may also reach out to us through our website chat, Facebook page, and Facebook messenger.

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