About us

We started in the print on demand space not too long ago. In the past year or so we decided to make our own products instead of drop-shipping them through the print on demand model. We started focusing on selling to basketball teams, organizations, churches and schools. We had a full sublimation printing facility in the Philippines and we had a screen printing facility in DTLA.

We had pretty good success but then realized that we did not want the headache of dealing with customers complaining that the design was not what they expected, even though we provided print proof and got the go signal to produce the whole project. After multiple experiences like this, we decided to pivot. And oh did we pivot! We decided to go the other direction and become a supplier.

We researched the customization industry and came to the conclusion that the sublimation space is where we want to be. Specifically, we want to sell sublimation blanks to small businesses and crafters. And Inkfinitee Sublimation was born.

We created our Facebook page to make it as a resource. This is where we will be sharing tips and tricks, our successes and our failures. We created our Facebook Group Inkfinitee Sublimation READY TO SHIP items, with the goal of building a community we can serve. Join us and experience what it’s like to be our customer => https://inkfiniteesublimation.com/pages/FBgroup

All the best,
Camille & Jon